Our Mission


Some ideas are greater than the sum of their parts. U-Rock is one such idea! It is more than some stale old fitness brand. U-Rock is a community, a culture, a collective!

Far more than a cool brand, U-Rock is U, a group of people pursuing their dreams and daring to be their best; people who have knocked down barriers and broken through self imposed limitations to accomplish something extraordinary. U-Rock is a nation of winners. It is YOUR nation!

While many mainstream activewear and sports apparel companies seek celebrity endorsements and promote elite athletes to sell their goods, we seek people the world over who have extraordinary stories to tell about their life and the challenges they have had to overcome to do the amazing. Our focus is on celebrating victories against great odds, doing extraordinary things for others in a myriad of selfless ways, and in general, being an example of the warrior spirit that lurks in each of us if we are courageous enough to summon it.

These are the types of individuals we want to acknowledge as celebrities, and we are going to put our money where our mouth is! U-Rock stands ready to recognize, promote and financially support you in unique and interesting ways because you are the world's unsung heroes, working daily to be a beacon of hope, love and leadership; a vessel for positive impact on everyone around you and the world at large.

The U-Rock brand is a unique collaboration between us and U to support worthwhile causes, while simultaneously seeking out and recognizing the world's movers and shakers, publicly and through the U-Rock Rainmaker Achievement Program we affectionately call R.A.P.

In a world full of negativity and toxic competitiveness, our goal is to rise as an organization by doing good, focusing on positivity and community at all times. 

Our mission is simple—to support those who need a voice, while giving back to the communities important to us both. See Initiatives for all the details.