With a clear mission to build and support the global community, we have created programs to benefit any organization. Whether you are an association, club, hospital, charity, school, individual or simply an idea looking to raise awareness for a cause, we are here to help! From a perspective of collaboration, we want to give back through awareness, U-Rock Rewards through R.A.P., and donations. What follows are the ways we will accomplish this.


The Rainmaker Achievement Program (R.A.P.)

The U-Rock Rainmaker Achievement Program (R.A.P.) is purposed to lift up and recognize the extraordinary achievement of individuals who have selflessly helped others in major ways, or who have overcome political oppression, physical illness, handicap, educational limitations, poverty, abuse, etc., and have gone on to change their “lucky stars”.

In short, we are celebrating personal and/or collective victories against great odds, and selfless acts of kindness that have affected many lives.  If you have a story to share, whether it’s your story or someone who inspired you, please reach out to us at Every month, a “U-Rock Rainmaker of the Month” will be selected among submissions received.

Once selected, a social media campaign will be launched in appreciation of the winner whereby we will tell their motivational story to the world through social media and other means, post it all on a special page on our website, talk about the cause they would like to contribute to and why it is important to them, a little history about that cause, and what we can do together to amplify the outreach.

At the end of one year, after 12 monthly heroes have been posted on our site and throughout social media, the community itself will select the ultimate winner who will be honored with the reward. This is potentially no small reward. Here's how it will work.

U-Rock will put aside $1 per item sold into a prize pool in a segregated account for this specific purpose only until which time we form a formal foundation. At the end of the year, the prize pool will be awarded to one of the Rainmakers. One third of the prize will go to the winner, one third to a charity of the winner’s choosing to be presented on behalf of U-Rock and the winner, and one third to the U-Rock charities listed on the charities page.

There is no cut off point after which the rewards no longer accumulate. We reserve the right at our discretion, to separate rewards by state/city and/or country, in essence having multiple contests to spread the fun, money and good will around. The bigger we all grow, the more we will be able to do to help people and worthy causes the world over. 

As you can see, this can be a substantial amount of money and is totally dependent on the success of U-Rock. Imagine what we can do with that kind of goodwill! So, help us help you and our charities  . . . spread the word and tell everyone you know about the New "Rock" on the Block; U-Rock at!

Please see the Terms & Conditions for the specific guidelines associated with the program, vetting procedures to prevent abuse, and all other pertinent information. Items sold via our Partnership Program below do not count towards the R.A.P. program.

U-Rock Partnership Program

We realize that people and organizations the world over have need for funds to continue their work. We have a turn key method of producing product that can be sold. Putting the two together then becomes fun and easy for any organization that has a need or purpose for funding to capitalize on the U-Rock brand and reach, together with their idea, logo, mascot, event, cause, etc. It has been said that whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve.

So here is our proposition. We will partner with you for any worthy reason. You can provide us the artwork, or at our hard cost can create what you are looking for and produce a garment or item appropriate to the idea and split the profits with you.

For example, let's say that there is a cycling event in your town or city, we could create something using our logo and the event or organizations logo in a clever way, and it might sound something like this:

U-Rock . . . We Roll at Tour De (Name of event and/or organization). We can also provide a page specifically for the item at the agreed upon price so people can buy them online. Reach out to us at for the collaborative details to see how we might work together. It's that simple!